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affiliated to Lin Bao Group (founded in 1985), established in 2016 and decoted the stevia extract project, focusing on the R&D, production and market of steviaextract , is a high-tech oriented production enterprise.

years of experience in pharmaceutical production

Through ISO9001 quality management system, ISO22000 system, HACCP system certification. From raw materials into factories, production and processing, quality testing, product packaging, strictly control the quality of all links.


technology R&D and quality control personnel

The most advanced production equipment in the same industry, with the United States organic certification, Jewish certification, Muslim certification and other certificates, OEM orders can be accepted, customized packaging, LOGO, etc.

Sales experience in many countries and regions is loved and trusted by customers.

Several dozens of stevioside products are sold in Japan, South Korea, the United States, India, Canada, Australia and other countries and 28 provinces and cities.

More acres of green medicinal herbs planting base

Stevia leaves have to be selected, cleaned and cleaned for three steps before putting into production. In strict accordance with the internal control standards of enterprises, we should eliminate defective mouldy products. Through this series of work, the quality of the product is guaranteed.

Products of Stevia

Advantages of our products

The latest Stevia production equipment

Complete the upgrading of the production plant.

Keep pace with the world’s leading technology.

Stevia production has more quality assurance.

Perfect authentication system

USDA organic certification, Kosher Certification, Halal Certification.

stevia are sold all over the world, so that enterprises can be assured of procurement.

Complete Stevia product line

RA stevia,Enzymatically Modified Stevia, tabletop stevia sugar series,

Complete varieties to meet all needs of stevia sugar purchasing

Strong new product development capability

The company’s research and development center has gradually developed and extracted other ingredients from Stevia extract.

(for example, RB/RD/RM), developing its quantitative production technology.

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